When it comes to ripping DVD's with more than one file on them, Handbrake is your program. It has all the features that one could ask for when trying to do multi-ripping! Now, production on this app, last i have checked, has not been so fast. It seems that this apps production has not really come along, and still does have some problems. The problems this app has though, are not too significant, and should not be worried aboput when ripping! The pluses to this app are very simple! You are able to rip more than one video off a DVD at a time. Meaning, that instead of having to come back to your computer every other 1-2 hours, it will just do all of them, and you can return whenever you want! This app is great for people who want to rip TV Shows off their DVD's. I have used this on TV Shows such as: 24, Scrubs, King of Queens, and many others!

You can't really read more about Instant Handbrake, being that there is no specific site up and running for this program. If you want to download it, you can from this site: http://handbrake.m0k.org/?page_id=8

Handbrake is hosting Instant Handbrake on their site, and I highly recomend downloading this freeware app!