MoviePod is a program that i dont use often, but when i do, it comes in very handy! MoviePod simply converts files into .m4v's. These files do play on the iPod, for those who dont know what an M4V is. The reason why this app is just so great, is that when i rip a movie from Handbrake, Instant Handbrake, or even Handbrake Lite, the video size is huge. Not to mention i can't use iSquint to make the file size smaller due to the file already being in .MP4 format. So, what i like to do is send that .MP4 video file right on through MoviePod, and try and get the size of my video file smaller. I dont lose any video or sound quality, the only thing i lose is how big my video file is. For those who want to maxamize the amount of video's your iPod can hold, use MoviePod on your .MP4's!

To Read More About MoviePod, Visit Their Homepage:

Price For Full Version (W/ Out Pop-Ups) Is $10.00

*For those PC users out there (and who knows why you are looking at an all Macware site :D), there is a PC Version of MoviePod: