Handbrake lite, which is a better/more fool proof version of Handbrake, is one of my favourite ways of ripping DVD's. It is simple, has a great interface to it, and really is fool proof. The conversion times are not as long as Handbrake's but there are a few downsides to lite. One is that you dont really get to control the quality of your rip (normally, it is just set on standard!) This app is a good app, dont get me wrong, but if you are looking to have more control over your DVD Rip, then Handbrake would be better than Lite. I personally use each Lite and Handbrake about the same amount, there are some videos that i will try and want to change, and then there are others that i really just dont care as long as the quality is decent, and has good sound! Overall, this app is good, and worth getting, the only other really bad downside is that this app is not being updated anymore :( So, this version (1.1) is this highest it will go for right now!

To Read More On Updates And News, Visit Their Homepage: http://www.isquint.org/handbrakelite/