ShapeShifter is a very unique program, that helps keep your mac fresh and full of spunk. Do you ever get bored of having the same template for your macintosh? Do you ever wish you could change that white tool bar at the top of your screen to lets say black, or orange? Well, Shapeshifter is just the thing for you. This is a splendid app, in-which you can change the template of your mac! The application itself works in a very swell manner! All you have to do is purchase it, and then, the rest will be taken care of. You open up the program, (which will open up in your System Prefs), from there, the rest is pretty much explanitory! You can choose from layouts that are already given to you, or you can go on the web, and download new themes and icons!

I used this app for some time, but eventually, i switched back! Every now and then though, i seem to use it just to spice things up a bit! if you are looking to get some change with how your computer looks, then this is the software for you!

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Price: $20.00