Handbrake is a simple way to make video converting for the iPod Video easy! This app is used in a very simple manner! You need to just have a DVD inside you computer, and the program really just does the rest for you. You can adjust the quality of the video, the sound source, and view pictures that the program itself produces off the DVD. Handbrake earlier this year had a brake off, where people working on this app decided the process for updating handbrake was moving way to slow. They produced a different application called "MediaFork". I downloaded mediafork, and let me tell you, it took the app 2 and 1/2 days to just rip the Departed off the DVDm and after it got to 100%, the program froze up and quit. I put the video through handbrake and it worked just fine! I am glad that the two sides have come to an agreement, and are now working together once again! Handbrake has come out of it's so called "slow production" and is probably going to speed things up a bit! Out of all the DVD Rippers out there for the macintosh, i have truly fallen in love with this app!

To Get Updates & To Read More On Handbrake, Visit Their Homepage: http://handbrake.m0k.org/