I have recently purchased a burning application called Disco. Let me tell you that this programs has made burning discs way better. Much better than Jam and Toast, Disco allows you to get what you want done. I had Jam and Toast before i bought Disco, and was really unhappy. I was unhappy with the programs, i was unhappy with the quality of burning that Jam and Toast gave me. So i went on a little search :P, and i came across Disco!

This programs has some neat stuff on it! When i wanted to burn my Bob Dylan, 3 Album Set for a road trip i was going on, i dragged all the files in there, and then i pressed burn! i wanted to put them all on as few discs as i could. Disco, gave me that option! When i pressed burn, Disco saw that there were to many files that were too big to fit on one single disc, so instead, it offered to make two discs (on a 3 dis set :D). It helped me minimize the amount of CD's i was going to take on my road trip!

Disco also keeps a history of everything you burn. Lets say i burned a family album, but forgot to label the album, i can go back in the historym and find out that the album was actually from 3/31/07, and was also burned on 3/31/07. This feature really helps in the long run, and is a feature most burning apps do not have.

The final great part about this app is that it simply does a great job burning. It does not scratch up your CD, it works with you in a way that it doesnt tell you how to make your disc, but gives you some guidlines/suggestions. This app outbeats Toast and Jam any day!

To Read More About Burn, Visit Their Homepage: http://discoapp.com/

Disco Single User - $29.95
Disco Family Pack (3) - $59.90
Disco Ten Pack - $179.90