Quinn is a tetris game for the mac! I have been addicted to this game for months now, and i can tell you one thing, i still can't get enough of it! Simon Haertel has done a fantastic job creating this amazing freeware game!

Some awesome features to this game include:
-Change the background of your game with any picture you like! or, if you dont have any pictures, you can download some of the pictures/peices other people have made!!! http://www.simonhaertel.de/quinn/pbg

-Play against others online! this game allows you to create a server on the site, so if you want to play your friend in Canada (even though their main specialty is in Hockey and Maple Syrup) you can! you can also play against other people who you do not know, by just joining one of the servers other people have up there. If you want you server to be exclusive, you can have a password on it, and only give the password to people who you want playing the game. Also, you can set up a server bet. your network or through bonjour. Due to the ability for online gameplay, this game is really high on my freeware game list!

-Another thing you can do is send your highscore from your single player game, to the internet, (my highest score is 42,677), this is fun and addicting, and i highly suggest people who may not love to play games download it and try it out!

To Read More About Quinn, Visit Their Homepage: http://www.simonhaertel.de/
To Download Straight From Here, Click On This Link: http://www.simonhaertel.de/download/quinn-current