Well, I am always looking for new apps for my mac, and I am always looking for alternative apps for web browsing. While in my never ending quest to find the perfect web browser for me, I stumbled upon Shiira, a free web browser which really has some amazing features. This app is not your ordinary web browsing utility. Instead of having the tabs up on the top, there is a bar (which you can control the size of) with small boxes that represent the sites you have open. Each box actually shows what you were looking at on the site, this sort of gives you a quick preview of what is on the site. On top of that, it has a really nice interface, works well (better then Safari in my very own opinion), and really has very little flaws. Shiira also does a great job remembering passwords and other things like usernames for sites or blogs (like this one). If you are looking for a better alternative to FireFox or Safari, check out Shiira and tell me what you think!

Download Link: