Well, the title says it all. SimplyRAR is a freeware app for the mac which makes turning files into a .rar file one of the easiest things to do. Once you download the app, and place it into your Applications folder, and open it up. You should see a white box appear on your screen with a toolbar on the top, a section below the bar on the top with lines on it. Drag the files you want to turn into a .RAR file into the lined space underneath the toolbar that located at the top of the application. Once they are all in, look towards the bottom of the application and you will see a section with a bunch of unchecked boxes with a whole lot of features you can use. If you want to password protect your RAR file, then select that box, and put a password on it. You also can divide your .RAR file into parts by selecting the size of each RAR file. This option is located next to the check off box section. The rest you can explore yourself, it is a very solid program and is definitely worth the download if you need to make .RAR files!