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Once upon a time, a company by the name of Agile Web Solutions entered the mac community. Their goal was to make using the internet easier for computer users around the world. They thought big, and created 1Passwd. 1Passwd is a revolutionary internet helper that I use to this day. I have saved at least a days worth of time working with this program, and I would love to share with our readers how this possible now.
First, I would love to give a tiny overview on what 1Passwd really does. It is a password manager for Safari 2.0, Firefox 1.5+, Flock 0.7+, Camino 1.0, OmniWeb 5.5, DEVONagent 2.0, NetNewsWire 2.1. With this extensive list of applications, 1Passwd pretty much covers the entire internet using Macintosh community.
After downloading the application file from and dragging it to your applications folder, it is time to set up 1Passwd. Launch 1Passwd and navigate to its preferences. The preferences is be located in the 1Passwd menu, in your Apple Computer's menubar, or by pressing the key combination "Command + ,". From 1Passwd's preferences, you may install the internet browser plugin for the internet browser/s you use, check for updates, change 1Passwd's keychain location, and activate 1Passwd's auto-submit feature.

Once setting all of this up, you are ready to start using 1Passwd. From this point you may do one for two things. Explore the 1Passwd application or explore the internet browser plug-in. I will start with exploring the actual application. The layout of 1Passwd was done very well, as you can see, and is pretty self-explanitory.

Section one is the first level of organization. It is separated into five categories and they are: Web Forms, Secure Notes, Identities, Password History, and Trash. When you save a password form in your web browser, the from goes to the Web Forms section. If you have any passwords that are not fillable by 1Passwd, or you just want to write something down somewhere where no one will see, use Secure Notes. The Identities section is used to fill out a whole internet form quickly. If you are filling out information on a website in order to create and account, you can use a 1Passwd Identity to fill it out for you. Another nifty feature in 1Passwd is the password generator. It does what is name states, generates random passwords for you. The password are recorded in both the Web Forms section, if you save the form, and the Password History section. Last, but not least, the trash. I am always clumsy on a daily basis. So being this way has cause me to delete several Web Forms that I need. I did not fear because the Trash was there. All I had to do was go to the trash section, select the Web Form I deleted by accident, and hit restore. The Web Form went into the exact place where it was before and I was saved. Just for a few sentences, I am skipping number two and going to down to three and four. Number three lists the items contained in the sections of number one. By selecting an item in section number three you may see its contents in section number four. Section four allows you to make sub-catagories or folders for the sections in section one. This extends productivity and organization by a huge portion.

The actual application of 1Passwd is really only half the program. 1Passwd also contains internet browser plug-ins. These plug-ins are good for Safari 2.0, Firefox 1.5+, Flock 0.7+, Camino 1.0, OmniWeb 5.5, DEVONagent 2.0, NetNewsWire 2.1 and allow you to submit your internet passwords from the users browser. When selecting the toolbar button, 1Passwd's plug-in, from your browser's toolbar, the button gives you a drop-down menu. This menu is divided into four sections, and in this review, I will explain from top to bottom.
In section one, you have four features/options. The first selection allows you to submit the password information you have already entered into 1Passwd. The keyboard shortcut for this is "Command + \". Next you have the Save form feature. By using this selection, 1Passwd will remember your password information for the website you are visiting. When creating an account for a website or forum, usually the website requests the same information all the other websites ask. This is where Fill With Identity comes in. By selecting an Identity, you can fill out a whole form with the click of a button. The identities can be set up from the 1Passwd application. Last for this section is the Fill With Generated Password. After clicking this button, a window opens up and you can select the length of your password and other details about your random password. When you are done, the password is submitted to the website's form and is also recorded in the password History section in your 1Passwd application.
Sections two, three, and four are simple, easy, and pretty self-explanitory. Section two contains two selections. The first one is auto save. Instead of hitting the Save Form button every time you enter a password on a website, you can just select Autosave which will submit the forms for you. When this selection submits the form, you are given an opportunity to name the form and write comments. Autosubmit submits passwords automatically for websites that already have saved forms on your computer. The Import Passwords function allows you to easily import the passwords from your web browser's keychain into 1Passwd. Last, Launch 1Passwd launches the 1Passwd application and About 1Passwd gives credit to its creators, give you your 1Passwd's build number, and links to 1Passwd's website and forums.
Now that we have discussed all of the major details of 1Passwd, it is time to cover the small, but important, features. The six small features that I would love to describe are 1Passwd's registration system, keylogger tactics, phishing protector, 1Click Login Bookmarks, 1Passwd database for the Palm, and .Mac synchronization. 1Passwd's new registration system is revolutionary, smart, and, I believe, pretty hacker proof. In the registration email that the 1Passwd company send you, you get a picture of a card. To register 1Passwd, go to 1Passwd's 1Passwd menu, click register, and drag your card in the designated spot.
What a keylogger essentially is, is a hacker's program planted on your computer sending back all the information you type to the hack. With 1Passwd, keyloggers fail because you do not actually type in any of your passwords, you just select Fill Form.
Phishing forms try to get people to type in their sensitive data by misleading the user who is being tricked and making them believe they are on a different website. 1Passwd does not fall for their tricks because it will only submit a password if it is sure you are on the right website. Also, when activating Fill Form, you will see in red bars what 1Passwd thinks of the website your are on. The program cross-checks the website you want to submit the password to and the website the password was assigned to. By doing this 1Passwd tells you how similar the two websites actually are.
1Click Login Bookmarks are simple. They are bookmarks that when you select them it automatically fills the form on the website. To create one, go to your 1Passwd application, and in the upper right hand section, under Web Forms, select the the password you want to be a 1Click. Upon selecting the one you want, move your mouse down to the section below section three, select edit, then select the cog, the select Copy Go & Fill. In your web browser, create a new bookmark and paste in the Go & Fill. You have just created a 1Click Login Bookmark.
Syncing with .Mac is quite simple with 1Passwd. Go to the preferences window in your 1Passwd application and select the Keychain section. There select the Edit Keychain Settings button, check the .Mac sync box, click the .Mac button, and your done.
The last feature is 1Passwd on the go. Store all of your 1Passwd passwords on a Palm for portability and easy usage. Never get caught not remembering passwords again.
If you are looking for a top of the market password manager (and autofiller) for your internet needs, your search is over. With 1Passwd's perfect integration with a huge list of browsers, it is sure to be a hit for all users. If my article is still not enough to bring you over to the side of productivity, go to


[News] Possible Change

Posted In: . By John D.

So here is the deal...I might be taking this blog to a site! A blog does not get recognized on Google, so people who are searching for macware reviews cant really find this blog. Now, no matter what happens, this blog will continue to go on! If i use a site for my reviews, then i think i might just post those same reviews on here, for those who want, or i might convert this blog into a news blog for my site and other mac stuff!

We will see, only time will tell, but i would like to get people's input on this decision! This could be a very good or a very bad move switching from blog to site :D

According to a blog named UNEASYsilence , if you do two specific things listed on their website, you could win a Wii.

1) Share your knowledge of this contest with all of your friends and buddies
2) Write a comment on the post named "UNEASYGiveaway: We Are Giving Away Another Wii"(include the links of the placed you shared you knowledge)

Then sit back and wait for April 6, 2007 to come!


MoviesForMyPod is a program i personally use when i am not in the mood to use iSquint! It has a very nice interface, and is very productive in getting the job done, and getting it done right! You have the ability to change the Quality, the sound issues, and also allows you to choose what format you want to pick! Here is a picture of all the formats you can choose from, With all those options, it can really help in almost anyway possible. I also think that unlike iSquint, MoviesForMyPod has many more options on what to convert too. You can convert for a podcast, you can convert for a phone, you can convert for your PSP too! (PSP's can and do use .MP4's and .M4V's). Overall, i really do think that if you are looking to get the most out of your video converter, MoviesForMyPod might just be the thing for you!

If you would like to download this app, visit their blog on Blogspot:


MoviePod is a program that i dont use often, but when i do, it comes in very handy! MoviePod simply converts files into .m4v's. These files do play on the iPod, for those who dont know what an M4V is. The reason why this app is just so great, is that when i rip a movie from Handbrake, Instant Handbrake, or even Handbrake Lite, the video size is huge. Not to mention i can't use iSquint to make the file size smaller due to the file already being in .MP4 format. So, what i like to do is send that .MP4 video file right on through MoviePod, and try and get the size of my video file smaller. I dont lose any video or sound quality, the only thing i lose is how big my video file is. For those who want to maxamize the amount of video's your iPod can hold, use MoviePod on your .MP4's!

To Read More About MoviePod, Visit Their Homepage:

Price For Full Version (W/ Out Pop-Ups) Is $10.00

*For those PC users out there (and who knows why you are looking at an all Macware site :D), there is a PC Version of MoviePod:


When it comes to ripping DVD's with more than one file on them, Handbrake is your program. It has all the features that one could ask for when trying to do multi-ripping! Now, production on this app, last i have checked, has not been so fast. It seems that this apps production has not really come along, and still does have some problems. The problems this app has though, are not too significant, and should not be worried aboput when ripping! The pluses to this app are very simple! You are able to rip more than one video off a DVD at a time. Meaning, that instead of having to come back to your computer every other 1-2 hours, it will just do all of them, and you can return whenever you want! This app is great for people who want to rip TV Shows off their DVD's. I have used this on TV Shows such as: 24, Scrubs, King of Queens, and many others!

You can't really read more about Instant Handbrake, being that there is no specific site up and running for this program. If you want to download it, you can from this site:

Handbrake is hosting Instant Handbrake on their site, and I highly recomend downloading this freeware app!