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I am sure that most students out there are always looking for a way to better organize their work, whether it be keeping track of grades, or even when assignments, quiz/tests, projects, papers, and other things are due. Well, if you use your computer a lot like myself, this app may come in very handy (if you are in school that is)! Schoolhouse 2 allows anyone to really take total control of their organization skills. This app allows you to pretty much do whatever your teachers do to keep track of your assignments, grades, and how to figure your end result (i.e. Final Grade). This app not only lets you input the assignments, their point totals, and your scores, but it also allows you to change the weight percentage each section of the class is worth.

Sadly, no teacher is the same, so with Schoolhouse 2, anyone can create an organized section dedicated to those pesky ways of his or her teacher. Lets say you have Dr. Butinsky. He has a way of weighting your grades differently then most "normal" teachers in your school. Well it is easy to change up that one class without affecting any of the other classes. This app truly brings out the best in every student, and if you are a student in High School, or even College, I would highly recommend using this app to keep track of everything. This app is so good, who knows how long it will stay freeware, so make sure to check out and leave a comment on what you think!

Download Link: http://www.loganscollins.com/software/Schoolhouse_2.1.zip