Once known as ToDo, now known as Do It...this app can help anyone. Someone who needs a structured way of looking at what he needs to get done in a certain time, to someone who knows his schedual, but likes the reminder! This app is very useful, no matter who you are. It has a nice interface, and a great look to it. I have had no problems with this freeware app, it does exactly what its title says! So, let me put it in the words of a great sportsware company..."JUST DO IT" -Nike

If you are one of those people who like to stay organized, and have tons of stuff going on in your life, and you just want that extra reminder, then this app will work perfectly! If you are one of those people that dont like iCal because it just doesnt work for you, then Do It would be in my opinion, the next best thing!

To Read More About Do It, Visit Their Homepage: http://www.jimmcgowan.net/Site/DoIt.html
To Download Straight From Here, Click On This Link: http://www.jimmcgowan.net/diskimages/DoIt2.3.dmg